Sunday, February 16, 2014


A revised edition of 'Butchers Parade' is now available at Amazon and CreateSpace.  An ebook version can be purchased through Smashwords.

This edition of includes some new material and minor corrections. Like the original version it adopts a perspective sometimes described as nostalgic realism. It unfolds like a series of black and white photographs depicting a patchwork past.

Set in the third quarter of the twentieth century, most of the stories of 'Butchers Parade' take place in Redgate, a meatworks town in Australia's southeast. The narratives are united by the presence of Horrie, a young meatworker, who spends his spare time playing rugby league and drinking at the local pub. Horrie is conscripted to fight in Vietnam and, when he returns to Redgate, he struggles with to shake off his distorted memories of war and finds himself caught up in a romance that seems hopeless.

The only way to find out why Australian commercial publishers don't want you to read 'Butchers Parade' is to buy it and read it.

The Amazon sales listing can be found here.

The CreateSpace sales listing can be found here.

The Smashwords sales listing can be found here.

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