Tuesday, February 18, 2014


At first sight the ocean has become a lake
With a newly washed sun to smooth it.
There’s no windy gusts nor breeze to mar
The emerald mirror of a cloudless sky.

Old men mount malibus to make love
To the rippled roll of a winsome wave;
While young ones torture each sweet swell
Until it surrenders, ebbs and dies.


Beyond each foam crest’s crash is a shimmer
Far away from the shorebreak swimmer.
Crawling in the curl - what a great pretender!
Whirling in the swirl when he falls into a blender.

Lunch brings pies and chips and a coke
Some sneak away to light a cheeky smoke
Time to slap on slops of cream and zinc
Starting to sting as white becomes pink.

On the wet sand’s edge along comes the glamour,
Drawing lusty awe and an undertow of clamour.
Last year’s bikini hasn’t kept up the pace
With winter’s lavish gift of bare open space.


Later the wind wanders wildly
Then roars riled and rasping
As the duck egg blue sky
Grows mauve and then misty rose.

Daylight droops like a flower in a shower
And the blank blackness of night arrives
As we depart and search out overhead
Heaven's starry army and its blinking eyes.

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