Monday, February 24, 2014


I know the precise moment
When you and I became us.

There was a picture of you
With your lips puckered
As if for a kiss.
It followed the photograph
Of you on the beach
Smiling a smile
From the land of smiles
And your body postured
Like a woman with knowledge
Of how you might affect me.

Now outlines of you
Dance in my imaginings
And frolic in my fantasies.
Unheard music in your voice
Is the soundtrack of my dreams.
Now we have only to reach
Across the real world
To feel the shock
Of skin on skin
And heart on heart.

I long for that tremor
When two become one.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


The world scares me.
It takes too much.
It loves deceit.
It discards and culls.

The times grind me.
They swiftly change.
They stay the same.
They never improve.

People taunt me.
They look for faults.
They never think.
They rebuke and mock.

Rulers rob me.
They twist the law.
They lie and dupe.
They misuse the poor.

God watches me.
He sees and hears.
He counts the words.
He knows how it ends.

Friday, February 21, 2014


When a strange creature arrives from outer space and helps the police fight crime, what do you give him as a birthday present? You give him a time-machine. Can you guess where he goes with it? Back to the wild west of course!

David Morisset wrote and illustrated the story of 'The Spooky Dooky Man' in an exercise book when he was about eight years old.  At the time the so-called space race was just beginning and westerns were the most popular programs on black and white television.

'The Spooky Dooky Man' has now been published by CreateSpace.  The original text has only been edited to correct a few minor spelling/grammatical errors and the internal illustrations are photographs taken of the original exercise book pages.  It is suitable for pre-school and kindergarten children.

The CreateSpace sales listing can be found here.

The Amazon sales listing can be found here.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


The tears that you take to bed
Never dry
They flood your dreams and wakeful hours
Drown your heart
As the hard world whirrs and purrs out there
Crowded drone
Sweeping you up in rip-ridden streams
Far from home.

Under clearer skies you loved and searched
Now blank black
Where once were stars and twinkling
No more lights
Barren backdrop for your broken vows
Spoken dazed
Guilt penned opaquely on an empty place
Far from cheap.

And morning comes up fresh and sprinkling
Lying light
Upon a lifetime’s stains that only flicker
In the dark
Take a few more unsteady steps ahead
Never back
While the sunshine shrouds the shame
Far from sight.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


The latest collection of new poems by David Morisset is now available through Amazon and CreateSpace.

Most of the poems included were written in 2013, a year of huge changes in David's life.

Many of them deal with his favourite themes of love and memories, as well as the trials of depression.

The Amazon sales listing can be found here.

The CreateSpace sales listing can be found here.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


At first sight the ocean has become a lake
With a newly washed sun to smooth it.
There’s no windy gusts nor breeze to mar
The emerald mirror of a cloudless sky.

Old men mount malibus to make love
To the rippled roll of a winsome wave;
While young ones torture each sweet swell
Until it surrenders, ebbs and dies.


Beyond each foam crest’s crash is a shimmer
Far away from the shorebreak swimmer.
Crawling in the curl - what a great pretender!
Whirling in the swirl when he falls into a blender.

Lunch brings pies and chips and a coke
Some sneak away to light a cheeky smoke
Time to slap on slops of cream and zinc
Starting to sting as white becomes pink.

On the wet sand’s edge along comes the glamour,
Drawing lusty awe and an undertow of clamour.
Last year’s bikini hasn’t kept up the pace
With winter’s lavish gift of bare open space.


Later the wind wanders wildly
Then roars riled and rasping
As the duck egg blue sky
Grows mauve and then misty rose.

Daylight droops like a flower in a shower
And the blank blackness of night arrives
As we depart and search out overhead
Heaven's starry army and its blinking eyes.