Friday, August 23, 2013


There are days when every effort fails -
No disasters but lots of little defeats
Grind me down and make me sad
‘Til all I see is corrupt and mad.

It’s as if I am called to surrender
Because there’s no more support;
And I really consider that course,
Pulled to it by dreadful foul force.

Thoughtless insults cut deep scars -
No-one believes in me any more.
Years of advancement brought nought –
Where’s natural justice in this life’s court?

How did it all get to this point?
Why did I not see it coming?
When did mere bad become worst?
Who was it lost faith in me first?

I put in every possible effort
And I kept trying and trying;
But when my faith proved absurd
Why did they all doubt my word?

So I limp languidly forward -
Toward nothing and nowhere -
Stripped of all poise and all pride.
I long for one true friend at my side.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Strangled truth always insults
And takes a pompous position.
Patronising to protect
It wields a blade so blunt
That blood gushes in gallons
From gashes newly unmasked.

No wonder I skulk and hide
To retain a whisker of pride.
Every effort rebuffed
And all my strength stolen,
I regather and recover
To face the next denial.

My offer is heartfelt and noble,
Generous without jeopardy,
But no-one accepts a gift
Without a deal to enrich it.
Love stirs and strains my soul
But the brutal beat never goes on.

Monday, August 12, 2013


How can a woman’s smile
Mess me up so much?
Why not voice or sage guile,
Hot eyes or warm touch?

Your voice trips ‘cross the distance
And stunned I stall and stutter.
Then I feign fickle resistance,
Extremities flicked on to flutter.

Beguiled I am up for surrender
To promise of laughter and pleasure -
Constrained conversation so slender,
Stored in our minds like gilt treasure.

Those eyes ignite such flames –
Black like backdrops of stars –
And bid me quickly make claims
Before you discover my scars.

Such a touch I never have known
But I pray it will soon bring delight
As we throw off fears of years unknown,
And splendoured evening slides into night.

So send me your smiles and more
And colour my dreams with desires
'Til I kiss those lips glossed with allure
And we embrace to straddle love’s fires.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Nothing approaches the coldness
Of a lonely bed at night,
No matter what the season
And regardless of moonlight;
Except perhaps the wakening
As day pierces the dark
To ask so many questions
And freeze the broken heart.
Every diary's date slips by
And scars remain so tender;
Months and years and so much more -
Empty decades of blank agenda.
There must be memories to mark
And sweet sensations to savour;
Bitterness just makes them sour,
'Til regret ruins all their flavour.