Monday, November 3, 2008


'Dreams, Schemes & Teams' surveys the searing pain of lost love, the precious delight of new love, the fierce ambitions of youth, and the delicious absurdity of dreams. All of the stories are seasoned with a pinch or two of satire and laced with skepticism. The narratives take the reader on a geographical journey from the playing fields of semi-rural eastern Australia to the majestic mountains of northern Iran. The stories also travel across time - embarking from a quietly content Australia in the 1960s, visiting a politically fragile Iran in the 1970s, and finally arriving at an eerily plausible Sydney in 2052. The most romantic piece is without a doubt 'The Road to Chalus' - a road story about a young couple making the spectacular drive over the soaring Alborz mountains to the lush Caspian Sea coast of northern Iran in the white hot political climate of the northern summer of 1978.

The collection can be purchased through Amazon at - simply search via the book’s title or via my name as author.

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Ketab Corporation Bookstore
1419 Westwood Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90024 USA

Ketabsara Bookstore
1441B Westwood Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90024 USA