Friday, November 29, 2013


When I desire
I tear down
The golden image
I made of you
And I remind myself:
If we had married
I would surely have spent
My whole life
Waiting for you
To be unfaithful
And never knowing
When you were.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Last night I dreamt I kissed a woman;
And she kissed me back
And pressed her body against me.

I did not recognize her.
She was not from my past.
Perhaps she is my future.

For the rest of the dream
We tried to find time
To be alone together.

But in the morning I woke
To blasts of leaf blowers.
Her lips had flown with the wind.

Monday, November 25, 2013


The word went out in secret coded hope
So none would know and few would even care.
The priests denied and hid it far away
For who’d believe if they all saw the snare?

And those who suffered it were cast away
By those chosen to make the business gain.
Crosses on backs born bent to bear it all
But frills for those exempt from all the pain.

Yet when reform and print shed light and truth
More lies were told than any voiced before.
The plate went round and gathered up the gold
Of those who knew just one side of the score.

Have you in your earnest and true belief
Ever wondered why some were found then lost,
Drifted far off and then were shunned and hushed?
Where is the ground on which their hearts were tossed?

But still those fiends of foresight seek new fields
And not the pits of those destined to die,
Where once were gardens green and blooming bright
Before the death decree rendered them dry.

Monday, November 4, 2013


To know you died lonely and forsaken,
Your body unable to bear your pain,
Wrenches my heart and quenches my spirit,
Scalds me with guilt and sears me with shame.

What misery you must have sadly borne
When life buried you in pits of despair.
I wish I could drown in the tears you cried.
I curse myself for my withdrawal of care.

Without your soul the world’s a pale palette.
It meanders under monochrome skies.
Sepia scenes soaked in dull tedium
Stain every scan of my imprisoned eyes.