Wednesday, June 5, 2013


It was only a dream
But you cuddled up to me,
Your breasts against my chest
And my arm around your shoulders.

You whispered comfort.
We agreed we had missed
Each other’s lives
And being together again
Had been awkward at first;
But that had now passed.

Your eyes flickered
And your smile mesmerised
Just as they had done
Back in the day
Before the black birds
And the filthy fanatics
Embezzled the future
Of the realm of turquoise.

Your skin was smooth
And your breath was warm
As your words calmed my mind
And your lips teased my mouth.
For the first time in years
I was not a mess of meandering
Thoughts and strange imaginings
That had served as veering diversions.
Instead I revelled in your liveliness,
Pledging never ever to leave our heaven.

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