"We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started
and know the place for the first time." (T S Eliot)
"A dark and chanted verse is what I am." (
Forough Farrokhzad)

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Two thousand and twenty years ago
An infant cried at the end of a forced ride.
He lived and died as if he was the garden's man -
Eden's emissary dispensing damper bread,
Dining with wine divined from holy vines.
Prophets said there was nothing to draw us to him
But I have met him in visions and know the truth.
I walked beside him for fleeting seconds,
There were no angels and no royal parades,
Only a dusty hilltop and death as an outcast.
My eyes gazed at the title raised on a bloody tree -
Written in scorn for the king of all kings.
The world of tinsel worships a baby's magical birth,
I see a man, if he can be called a man,
And always I sense the ghastly silhouette
Of the rugged scaffold where we tortured God.

Friday, December 19, 2014


I want to see your skin glisten
With the droplets of your hot bath
As you tread shyly towelled -
A parade that warms my heart and hearth.

I want to feel your body pressed
So cozy on me as I doze,
And the cuddle of your brown arm,
Your breasts divine in cute repose.

I want to feel the tickles
Of your dark hair so smooth and sleek,
As you rest in that hollow space I keep
Between shoulder and cheek.

I want to hear you breathing
As you swim the black night’s streams
And count the times you sigh
Or moan or speak in dreams.

I want to taste your sleepy mouth
When warming dawn replaces night,
As morning makes us restless
And desire grants us delight.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Tonal teases
From lips like syrup,
Creamed with laughter.

Scents of the orient’s
Most fragrant climes,
Intense and musky.

Skin soft and smooth -
A maiden’s downy armour -
Stretched across
The strain of time;
Folded into clefts
And curves
That invite caresses
And insist upon kisses.

Eyes like facets
Of the blackest onyx
Shining beyond shining.

Hair as dark
As the sky at night
Swept up in astral swirls.

But, above all,
Your smile,
Which broke me down
And brokered our love;
And made such mischief
With my withered heart
That I was never
The same again.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Why does my lonely task suffice
As the course I am bound to take
When all around is song and dance
And few hearts ache?

‘Twas fickle chance and nothing more
Set my naïve gaze upon your face
And you conquered my absurd reserve.
So began the chase.

Your skin was creamiest caramel,
Your eyes and hair the darkest coal,
Your laughing voice contained no trace
Of your blistered soul.

Dazed by your body’s curves and sways,
And crazed like a child ever denied,
I made advances and took chances,
And my conscience cried.

When passion came it scorched us both,
'Though exquisite our moment seemed.
I wished I’d stayed your fondest friend
And just shyly dreamed.

For you could not take the final steps
And you chose ways that seemed benign.
Black dogs tore your soft heart apart.
I made you a shrine.

Now you’re dead I dwell in densest gloom
That only you can fill with light.
By day I raise you with my words,
Then I weep at night.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


The man with a gun in his hand was not armed
The flag that he raised was blameless
The threats were all misunderstood
The cause was bland and nameless.
The young man who died was not killed
The mother shot dead was not slain
The footpath flowers emit no fragrance
The moans of mourners signal no pain.
The thuds of explosions were mute
The flashes of fire were unseen
The girls who escaped did not scream
The wounds are somehow pristine.
The hatred is in our minds
The religion offers no fears
The sky over Sydney is crying
The harbour is filling with tears.