Saturday, March 2, 2013


Remembering you
Is easy to do:
Brown eyes spangling
Black hair dangling
Red lips pouting
Cheekbones flouting
Teeth white gleaming
Soft skin steaming
Shoulders set square
Figure so fair
Legs smooth and long
Hands small but strong.

And so I have you:
Set in rhymes so reviled
That even a tiny child
Could remember them well.
What worries me though
Is that you might recall
Nothing of me at all –
Making me truly nothing.

This poem was written almost five years ago when the early drafts of "Conquest of the Persian Garden" and "Old Shemiran Road" were being developed.  The picture is, of course, of Golshifteh Farahani, a Persian actress now exiled from Iran and unfairly victimised by the beastly misogynist government of her homeland.  Ms Farahani has worked beside some of Hollywood's biggest names but her performance in Atiq Rahimi's "The Patience Stone" was simply remarkable and surpassed all her other achievements.

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