Saturday, March 16, 2013


Only an hour ago sky
                     was just sky –
If there can be mere sky
                     in that rich view –
But now as red sun scorches molten sea:
A new palette makes blue much more than blue.

Shadows stretch far behind to make me tall
But my wide eyes focus on dark shimmers
Out there, distant, way past shore’s crashing break,
Hidden secret from wet splashing swimmers.

Surfers see no more than white topped waves’ curves
They miss the grand art fair beyond creamed crests:
Edges glitter purple – sea, sky alike -
Reflected on beaming faces and chests.

Solar redness makes me expect sizzles -
That never come so far as I can tell -
Then, as if to temper my disbelief,
A single gleam pricks through the dimmest dell.

More needle points soon dot the western glade
Paler than evening’s star, dazzling goddess,
Glowing and glistening she will always be,
While the others discharge a cool caress.

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