Sunday, March 17, 2013


Once I thought
That next time
There would be no pain for you.
We would take in deep draughts
Of our very own togetherness
And spend more time
To savor each moment
And rise fulfilled
And unhurried.

I thought we had
The rest of our lives
To learn
How to please each other.

I thought the years
Stretched out ahead of us.
I thought our passion
Was nothing
But the very beginning
And the end was too far away
To know.

But we were destined
To be lovers truly
For just one fiery summer’s evening  –
Fleeting minutes of ecstasy
Underpinned by adoration,
And, of course, our love.

Damned even though
We thought
We had shattered
All the barriers
In front of us;
Doomed even though
We knew so well
That we were made
For each other –
Different but devoted.

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