Monday, May 23, 2016


Although I am old
I am still a child
Of one
Who always cares for me
And ensures I have
All I need.
He guides me
As I take every turn
And as I enter
Every roundabout.
He walks with me as I stroll
Across green parks
That flank the strands
Above sands of primrose
Where I can paddle
In the gurgling shorebreak
Before pausing to watch
Parades of the coolest shades,
Dissembling in impressions
Like works of abstract art,
Beside turquoise waters
That shimmer in the sunlight
While rippling in the breeze.
Even when it is dark,
And I cannot see,
He sends me visions
So I know the waves glimmer
Under the moon at night
When I listen in my sleep
To the sighing sea,
Diminished, breathy,
Rolling with a rhythm
Written in the beginning
And set to the tempo
Of dances for angels.

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