Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Love is like a piano keyboard
It seems digital black and white;
But its music is infinite,
As varied as each day and night.

It takes a wild heart to play it
And all your soul to heed its demands;
But there’s no manuscript to follow,
Nothing to steer your trembling hands.

There are times you know love’s got you
Spreadeagled on its stave once more;
But she has other men who offer
Grander melodies to explore.

Yet like a fool you take your chances
With desires that suffer no delay;
But she gives her pledge to another,
Your descant slowly fades away.

So what has it cost you this failed fancy -
Just an adagio never performed?
But you know it was so much more than that:
It’s left your wild heart barren and deformed.

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