Saturday, January 18, 2014


Are my treasured memories
Collapsing into comas of oblivion?
Does the darkness of lost years
Hide our ruin in false hopes?
And yet the reminders of you
Rise up with every morning’s light
And swoop into night’s blistered dreams
Like a phoenix in fair and fancy flight.

I walk the beaches every day
And marvel at the shades of blue.
I imagine you gripping my arm
The way you used to do.
I see your black eyes shining
As you speak and softly laugh.
I marvel as the sun kisses
Your skin just the way I want to.

If only we had been brave
And taken those final steps.
Our hearts might well have saved
Our babies from their nothingness.
But I still pray that you might rise
Adorned with triumph’s sashes
From the flames that severed us
And turned unlawful love to ashes.

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