Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Amidst the marks of mucked up memories
There are several I will never
Novate nor sever.
They clustered when they careened
And crashed into my expectations.

Faking fun you flirted forever,
Far away from friendship,
Flinging my fragile affection
Into fiery flames
That I never ever fully forgot.

I know now that you used me
And I was ripe to be ruined.
Youthful beyond your years,
Yearning ‘til younger eyes
Made my head turn
Tired, tearful and trapped.

Yet we dared into dreams,
Dramatised and documented.
Drifting and drooping,
Dreariness dogged our days,
Until a dangerous damsel decoupled us.

Slipping into my slumbers,
Snaking around my soul,
Slithering inside my slender veins,
You enslaved me,
Splendid serpent,
Soothed me and slid away.

From then on I was spent,
Though I thought otherwise.
Still now I prize your poison,
Relishing its rough reminders,
And drinking every drip and drop
Before they mar my empty mouth.

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