Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Auburn semi-desert,
Tired under the bleak sky.
A tattered terrain
Willing itself into existence
For billions of years
Has finally collapsed to near nothingness.
Flat, it goes on,
Seemingly forever.
Only random mounds
Of oddly rounded rubble
Punctuate the predictability.
Like it, I am nearing exhaustion.

My feet are wounded
From the rubbing of silicon sandals.
Gritty dust works like powdered emery
On blisters that burst long ago.
I escaped - 
Daring and exhilarating -
But the onset of weariness
Caught me by surprise.
I need to pace myself.
I need to rest.
I need to lean
Against any rotting edifice.

Disturbed, a dusky cockroach
Scrabbles its way between the cracks,
With an alert antenna visible,
Twitching in the weak sunlight.
Survivor of the judgement,
Just like me.
Survivors devour survivors to survive.
Food is food.
As a penalty for its stupid curiosity,
I capture the creature.
My meal wriggles, frantic, its extremes visible
In my clenched fist.

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