Friday, August 23, 2013


There are days when every effort fails -
No disasters but lots of little defeats
Grind me down and make me sad
‘Til all I see is corrupt and mad.

It’s as if I am called to surrender
Because there’s no more support;
And I really consider that course,
Pulled to it by dreadful foul force.

Thoughtless insults cut deep scars -
No-one believes in me any more.
Years of advancement brought nought –
Where’s natural justice in this life’s court?

How did it all get to this point?
Why did I not see it coming?
When did mere bad become worst?
Who was it lost faith in me first?

I put in every possible effort
And I kept trying and trying;
But when my faith proved absurd
Why did they all doubt my word?

So I limp languidly forward -
Toward nothing and nowhere -
Stripped of all poise and all pride.
I long for one true friend at my side.

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