Monday, August 12, 2013


How can a woman’s smile
Mess me up so much?
Why not voice or sage guile,
Hot eyes or warm touch?

Your voice trips ‘cross the distance
And stunned I stall and stutter.
Then I feign fickle resistance,
Extremities flicked on to flutter.

Beguiled I am up for surrender
To promise of laughter and pleasure -
Constrained conversation so slender,
Stored in our minds like gilt treasure.

Those eyes ignite such flames –
Black like backdrops of stars –
And bid me quickly make claims
Before you discover my scars.

Such a touch I never have known
But I pray it will soon bring delight
As we throw off fears of years unknown,
And splendoured evening slides into night.

So send me your smiles and more
And colour my dreams with desires
'Til I kiss those lips glossed with allure
And we embrace to straddle love’s fires.

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