Sunday, February 3, 2013


When I first saw your wondrous smile,
It took me some moments to learn
That it started deep in your eyes,
With their blacky brownness flashing
A soft signal that had the power
To take all men by sheer surprise.
I then saw it advance around
The rest of your most lovely face,
Etching cute dimples so clearly
And, with a swoop across your nose,
I saw it elongate your mouth –
Stretching tight to grinning dearly.

I was at once slave to passion –
Of which I dare not speak just yet.
For all I have of you is this
Mental snapshot that smiles for me.
When at long last your face is near
Enough for me to risk a kiss,
I pray you will resume that smile
And by your grace invite me to
Drop my bizarre cringing reserve
And chance to win your heart for me
And make you smile so much that I
Can be the man that you deserve.

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