Saturday, November 14, 2015


All I want is a chance
At a better life,
I need refuge from evil men
Who oppress me and my wife.
All I want is my child's equal share
Of the riches you worked for,
That your fathers died for,
An equal portion, no more.
All I want is more for me
And more than you gave
When you took me in,
For it is more and more I crave.
All I want is to live in the ways
I left behind in my homeland,
But all of you racists
Claim this is your own land.
All I want is the death
Of you who oppose my god,
And I want what I once fled;
Why does that seem so odd?

Explanatory note:  This blog post is a poem.  It is not a news report and it is not a statement of opinion.  Rather it is an expression of bewilderment that seeks to highlight everyone’s vulnerability to manipulation by forces and events beyond our comprehension.  And, by the way, in my opinion, the agents of terror in our world are not all Muslims.

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