Sunday, April 19, 2015


Stars streaked with bullion,
All gone now,
In bribes,
Telltale trinkets,
Cocaine and shards of ice.
All that glistens now are Japanese brides -
Passengers on cheap planes to paradise.
The streets are strained to the borders of trust,
While the highways wail
And whine with the weight
Of cars bent on a circuitous rush
And trucks stacked with scraps,
Chronically late.
The noise never ceases,
Heavy metal raging
Even at dawn,
Mocking the peace
Unknown by these natives of middle hell,
Boiling alive in molten gold’s caprice.
False promises ever entice the fall,
Above the din –
Gilt sand,
Glitter's waves call.
The artwork is by John Dahlsen, an environmental painter.
It is entitled 'Gold Coast' and made from plastic objects collected on Australian beaches.

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