Saturday, March 7, 2015


Surely they won’t cheat you of your last dreams
After purloining coins you earned from birth,
And promising to use taxes for schemes
To build for you a paradise on earth.

So now your mature future seems threatened
By the greedy grasp of alleged leaders.
They bribed you, with a pittance they beckoned –
Meagre payments explained by their meters.

Once you stood in throngs of true believers,
When you were spit polished, strong and youthful.
Only gifted hands were on the levers
And you thought that you too could be useful.

But those first dreams were dashed and then some more
Yet you resisted and persisted still
‘Til your hopes were washed up on sorrow’s shore
Below winners’ triumphs upon the hill.

So now you can see they were crooks and fools
And you were not a member of their clubs.
You were a sharp chisel amongst blunt tools
But they spurned your carvings with only snubs.

All that is left is rest and slow decay
With others who fear their covetous rage.
You know they wish you dead or gone away -
For they will axe support for your old age.

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