Monday, September 29, 2014


My first blunder was to believe the lie.
Then I put my faith in false promises
And acted as though I was insane,
Doing the same things over and over again
And expecting their forecasts to comply.

I pushed and pulled and lifted and strained,
My heart and head and shoulders stooped
And my focus so singleminded
That I could be seen as blinded,
So I did not know that I was chained.

The blood that I gave was spilled with good will
And that makes me even more bitter.
When they wanted someone to blame
I did not expect the wave of shame
As they lumped me with the corporate swill.

My efforts and dedication made people rich
Yet I did not feel exploited by them.
I always thought my rewards would come
And trusted too much in those who were scum
For none tried to rescue me from Satan’s ditch.

Almost four decades without a blemish or error,
Utmost application and diligence.
But I missed one criminal’s scheme,
Though I never joined his larcenous team,
And then the pretenders unleashed the terror.

The gallows to which I am nailed have me baffled,
Dissembled rather than assembled by the fears
Of those who never make their own mistakes
And never rise beyond the status of fakes.
Only death can save me from my scaffold.

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