Tuesday, July 15, 2014


One word from your soft mouth shines through the haze
That blocks light on the bleakest winter day
And sets me wanting you and your love’s ways,
So we might warm each other as we play
Curled up by burning logs glowing like gold,
Enfolded in each other’s hot desire
While rain taps on the red tin roof as old
As our affinity for crackling fire.
I would never move from this position
If it were you that held me tightly here
‘Til the summer sun made its decision
To coax us out into the straw-hat cheer.
Then we can swim in salty blue lagoons
And paddle on the reefs and slippery rocks,
Your hand in mine when we climb sandy dunes
To catch the view and watch the sea birds’ flocks,
And then recline spent from loving so well,
Finding space in each other’s heart to dwell.

Note: the painting is by Iranian painter Niloufar Ghaderinejad.

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