Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Your passion was exquisite
And quite unlike
Anything I had
Ever encountered.
Without a word
You made it clear -
You wanted me.
Surely I was in no doubt.
Then you gave yourself to me.
So I responded
In the only way possible.
And yet I was nervous -
Because I loved you so much.
Indeed, it seems now,
That I was almost as nervous as you.
But you had more reasons.
I mistook your fervour
For experience
But, of course, I was wrong -
As wrong about this
As I could possibly be.
But then I understood.
So I comforted you
With gentle kisses
On your face and neck.
Then you relaxed again
And pushed against me.
Now that you were a woman,
I was in awe of you.
And I longed
To give you pleasure.
You had granted me
A wondrous privilege.
But it was you
Who rejoiced in your heart.
You welcomed my groans
With deep kisses
And just one thought -
You had made your choice.
Oh, how I wish,
I could have helped you
With the harder choices
That followed our desire.

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