Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Why does my lonely task suffice
As the course I am bound to take
When all around is song and dance
And few hearts ache?

Is it because you quenched my spirit,
Making me some other being
When I was pliable and yielding
With eyes for seeing?

‘Twas fickle chance and nothing more
Set my naïve gaze upon your face
And you conquered my upright reserve.
So began the chase.

Your skin was creamiest caramel,
Your eyes and hair the darkest coal,
Your laughing voice conveyed no trace
Of your fragile soul.

Dazed by your body’s curves and sways,
And childlike in an alien clime,
I soon became a wayward knave
Longing for your time.

You led me on and played coquette,
But inside your young heart had leapt.
I made advances and took chances,
And my conscience slept.

When passion came it scorched us both,
'Though exquisite our moment seemed.
I wished I’d stayed your fondest friend
And so shyly dreamed.

But wise coolness was never likely
Between two bound by such desire.
Yet when we dived and burned in flames
Love survived the fire.

Still you could not take the final steps
And you chose ways that seemed so fair.
Before you and yours were lashed and caged -
Captives of despair.

And soon your brittle soul was shattered
So only splintered shards endured;
Black dogs tore your soft heart apart.
I lived on secured.

But when I learned about the truth -
How corrupt fiefdoms destroyed you -
I had no choice but change my life,
Proving love was true.

So now I dwell in densest gloom
That only you can fill with light.
By day I raise you with my words,
Then I weep at night.

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