Friday, December 28, 2012


David Morisset's novel of nostalgic realism, "Butchers Parade", is now available as an ebook in all popular formats through Smashwords (at

Set in the third quarter of the twentieth century, the stories of 'Butchers Parade' feature the quintessentially Australian location of Redgate - a meatworks town on the western fringe of Sydney - as well as the blighted circumstances of wartime Indo-China. The narratives are united by the presence of the hulking figure of Horrie, a young meatworker who spends his spare time playing rugby league and drinking at the Railway Hotel. Horrie loves his home town and its people but he is conscripted and sent to fight in Vietnam. On his return to Redgate, Horrie is a troubled man, haunted by distorted recollections of brutal battles and caught up in a romance that seems hopeless.

The hard copy version is available through Amazon and its affiliated distributors (see or simply google "Butchers Parade").

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