Monday, October 3, 2011


"Eat, friends, drink, and be drunk with love."
(Song of Solomon 5:2b ESV)

When all the poets are dead
And none can write of love,
Then the crows in black robes
Will have their victory.

But no man can stop
The sun from shining
Nor can they stop its children,
The flowers, from blooming.

More poets will spring up
From the dust of the earth
To sing and dance and laugh.
Couples will always fall in love
And know that it is good -
As God intended it to be.

* Payvand News of Iran reported in September 2011 that Nahal Sahabi had died at her own hands not long after her lover, Behnam Ganji, had also committed suicide. Both had been arrested in July 2011 and treated harshly in Tehran's Evin prison. Nahal was a kindergarten teacher and an accomplished poet. Her only crime - apart from touching upon political themes in some of her poetry - was that she was a friend of Kouyahr Goudarzi, a political activist accused falsely of being a member of the Iranian Mojahedin (MEK). Mr Goudarzi later fled Iran to continue his human rights advocacy in exile. Just before her death, Nahal wrote on her blog: ‘So it’s Thursday again ... come, Behnam ... let’s dance together on Thursday once more.’ Iran's regime frowns on dancing. Nahal's name means 'a young plant'.

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